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Why Us

We Do Healthcare

From the intricacies of how your website is designed and positioned, to nuances in language that your audience react to - you’ll find comfort and safety in knowing that we have the experience to make a perfect website, catered to the healthcare industry.

Amongst other details, three things we do to ensure your website, web app, or app is catered towards the healthcare industry include:

Case Study

Three Audiences within Healthcare

Red One Medical came to us for a complete website overhaul with one goal in mind - to look sleek and modern within the face of healthcare.

As a partner of leading medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers such as Stryker and AstraZeneca, as well as serving VA Medical Facilities in the United States, Red One needed a website that showcased their expertise and offerings - we helped them successfully deliver that.

  • Thousand Plus is a team of top level professionals who have been instrumental in my company’s complete web site design and implementation. They are experts in their field, highly responsive to my team’s needs, and have been a pleasure to work throughout the entire process.
    Charles Pollak
    CEO - Red One Medical